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Our Weekly Church Bulletin, Feb. 2016 

Dedicated to the Memory of Minister Debra Davenport  

What a Great time we had!! Stay tuned for the next play from Marguerite Press, Airing Dirty Linen, based on the book by the same title by Delores Thornton

    Our Weekly Church Bulletin 2015

       Written, Produced & Directed

                 by Delores Thornton


                             Airing Dirty Linen


                         Delores Thornton 

     Price $18.95 Trade Paper           ISBN: 978-0-9656584-2-3

                           Ten Digit ISBN: 0-9656584-2-2

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  Starring the Sassy, Sanctified, Sistah, Lynet Collins as Nairobi Dobson and Rev. Darrell Sydnor, as Pastor Victors. With the thoughtful, sometimes pragmatic Pharis Dobson, and the always fine - Philip (Chester Lewis); and Brittany Elmore gives us a glimpse of 17 year-old Eternity! Read the synopis below and view the book trailer, where Nairobi is getting counseling from Pastor Victors.

Airing Dirty Linen A Christian Fiction Tale-
by Delores Thornton
Airing Dirty Linen is a story about 4 cousins who live together in an Inn which they manage in Indianapolis. There's 27 year old twin brothers, Philip and Pharis, 17 year-old Eternity, and 31 year old Nairobi Dobson, our POV character (who also has a needy friend, Colleen). The Dobsons' parents, now deceased were often involved in scandals and now it seems the sins of the fathers have returned. Nairobi prays for strength and does all she can to hold this clan together, then she meets a man who asks her to do something she's never done, put herself first!
When the story begins Nairobi has to go downtown to bail out brother Philip who has been arrested for stealing funds from their church, First Living Wood MBC. Before that drama is resolved she falls in love with a Ugandan named, Amondi, who is kidnapped (and held for ransom) when he returned to Uganda for a visit.
The long lost daddy of 17-year-old Eternity is introduced and the plot thickens.
Best friend, Colleen is quite needy but provides comfort when Nairobi needs it most.
Pharis also helps Nairobi but at times holding it down is just a bit much!
In the end Philip is freed of all charges, Eternity develops a loving relationship with the father she never knew; Pharis finds a love interest; Colleen opens her own hair-care business; after the ransom is paid Amondi and Nairobi and plan their wedding.
From Marguerite Press
ISBN 978-0-9656584-2-3
LCCN  2001012345
Trade-paper: Price $18.95

Airing Dirty Linen Book Trailer on You Tube

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